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Why we believe NWCF is the best choice in getting fit and strong.

We’ve built our amazing and unique fitness program around people just like you.  We have learned from our failures and our successes training literally thousands of people over the past ten years .  Our members have become friends, family and coworkers dedicated to seeing us be successful.  We listened to what works for them, what they like best about our gym and how we can better serve them.  So we implemented the program our members love, depend on and respect!


How we evolved to be more than a typical CrossFit gym.

Over the course of the past few years we started to offer programs that were outside of our core CrossFit program we were offering, such as: Kettlebell, bootcamp, endurance, family fitness, speed agility, toning, team based training and generalized strength and conditioning classes.  To better reflect our inclusion of training outside of the main elements of CrossFit, we decided to change our brand to reflect a more broader appeal.

We believe “Complete Fitness” is a more adequate name for identifying our gyms’ philosophy.  Our core NWCrossFit program will stay an affiliated CrossFit program with CrossFit HQ and we will stay committed to working hard to become the best CrossFit program in the world.


To better explain the style of CrossFit that we offer, we have written a description to explain the two types of popular CrossFit programs and what our particular philosophy is in regards to both.

Note that the two programs are separated simply by what the participant sees as an end goal in their training.

1:  Lifestyle Fitness CrossFit: If you are prioritizing your training as a lifestyle fitness system, your main objective is fitness, health and strength.  Of course, there are many other amazing benefits to CrossFit training, but for the sake of comparing the two, we will focus on these.

This program is dedicated on keeping you safe, getting healthier, stronger and perfecting your movement mechanics.

As coaches we are more interested in your overall well-being and less on you making a personal best record on any given lift or workout.  Scores from your workouts are just markers identifying your progress and nothing more than that.  You can share your scores and progress with the community at the gym or with family, friends and co-workers for fun, but it is only a personal choice if you choose to do that.

2:  Sport Competitive CrossFit:  This program is designed (usually on a case by case basis) simply to make you a better athlete in the ring of competition.  Yes, we are definitely interested in all the positive aspects of the Lifestyle Fitness CrossFit has to offer, but your performance day in and day out with sometimes multiple long workout sessions becomes your focal point.  The training is tailored towards winning medals and winning competitions.  For Sport Competitive CrossFit, many of our athletes are often training in a program outside of the main workout programming we offer to regular gym members.  We support and encourage this type of CrossFit at our gyms, but it is important to make this distinction.


The confusion about CrossFit being dangerous.

It is this confusion between lifestyle and sport where I believe CrossFit receives criticism from mainstream press for being potentially dangerous.

If you are an athlete in any sport pushing yourself to the limits, you are going to be at a higher risk of injury.  Since the main workout programming for lifestyle and sport are nearly identical in many ways, it’s easy for a person not familiar with the small nuances of CrossFit training to confuse someone getting injured competing in the sport version vs. training in the lifestyle version.

Safety in our program is our utmost core value.  We’ve had a grandma of 80 plus years’ train with us for years without any injuries.  We currently have hundreds of people over the age of 40 train with us without any significant injury.  With our emphasize on mobility and stretching we can alleviate many of the stressors that our members may have.  In addition, we believe in perfection of movement over elevated intensity.

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