Sean is our resident Certified Athletic Trainer at NWCF Interbay. He attended Pacific University for Graduate studies in Athletic Training and is new to Seattle.
Sean believes overall health is a systematic process of looking at the body as a whole. This is necessary to find the primary source of movement dysfunction and pain. This drives his rehabilitation to focus on movement patterns essential for pain-free movement in everyday life and enhancement in performance. Sean’s greatest passion however is working to change the healthcare landscape and he believes it starts with quality healthcare professionals who are genuinely interested in quality patient outcomes.
“When I finished my graduate studies in Athletic Training 2 years ago, I slowly started to see firsthand, the reality of the healthcare epidemic. I’ve worked in busy Orthopedic,  Chiropractic, and Physical Therapy clinics where the demand for productivity takes time away from quality healthcare.
The crazy part is we, as healthcare professionals, are a large part of the problem. Things such as the negative language professionals use and the lack of patient education lead to individuals being stuck in a loop of chronic pain.  That’s why I want to provide services that are one-on-one and centered around empowering patients instead of discouraging them.”