Balancing a healthy diet with a full schedule can be difficult. While many people intend to make nutritious meals with fresh ingredients every day, between work, family, and activities healthy cooking doesn’t always happen. If you are looking for some healthy restaurant options in Seattle and pro-tips for dining out, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these tips for dining out and be sure to check out some of the following healthy restaurants in Seattle.


Tips for Making Healthy Choices When Dining Out

Dining out doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your healthy eating habits. Keep the following in mind when dining at restaurants:

  • Check nutrition information ahead of time. Many restaurants will have nutrition facts listed online. Doing some investigation of healthy options before going to a restaurant can help you make smart food choices. Doing your research ahead of time can also help you monitor your macronutrients and calorie intake by giving you a better idea of what is in the meal you are ordering.
  • Ask your server about ingredients if you have specific dietary needs or questions.
  • Watch portion size. If you are dining at a restaurant that favors large portions, commit to taking some of your meal home for later rather than eating it all in one sitting.
  • Substitute. If your menu options include fries or bread, opt for something healthier instead like a side salad or mixed vegetables.
  • Pace yourself. Take small bites and eat slowly, rather than rushing through your meal. This will help you know when you start to feel full and prevent overeating.

Local Seattle Restaurants To Try

For any Seattle athletes looking for healthy and protein-packed restaurants and quick dining options, we’re here to help. Next time you are looking for some healthy food choices you don’t have to cook yourself, opt for some of these tasty local restaurants.

The Juicy Cafe

For anyone hoping to start their morning with a fresh smoothie or enjoy a protein packed lunch, The Juicy Cafe is the place for you. With locations at the Convention Center, 8th and Olive, South Lake Union and the Columbia Center you’ll have a chance to try their flavors throughout Downtown Seattle. For breakfast, you can choose from their many fresh juices, delicious smoothies, and more. They also offer a great variety of lunch items including salads and protein bowls.


If seasonal, locally sourced balanced meals are your calling, Homegrown is the place for you. They offer a number of menu items including breakfasts, bowls, sandwiches, soups and more, which are all made with local and seasonal ingredients. From grass-fed steak bowls to fresh egg and veggie scrambles, you can’t go wrong with their tasty menu of freshly prepared items. They have locations in Downtown Seattle, Queen Anne, and on the Eastside and they also offer online ordering!

Protein Station

For protein-packed on-the-go options, Protein Station is the place to be. Their menu includes a power burrito, protein-packed cobb salad and more options to give you your daily dose of protein. Located just south of Downtown Seattle, Protien Station offers dine in and take out options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


If you are looking for a nutritious, sit-down meal, add Tallulah’s to your list of local restaurants to try. Located on the east end of Capitol Hill, this restaurant has a number of vegetable-filled dishes and healthy protein-based options. From yellowfin tuna poke to braised cauliflower and cabbage tacos, their unique menu won’t disappoint. They also offer a unique variety of healthy and tasty beverages including turmeric lemonade and CommuniTea Kombucha.

Sweetgrass Food Co.

Located on 7th and Virginia, Sweetgrass Food Co. is the perfect spot for a healthy meal in Downtown Seattle. Their fare includes delicious smoothies, juices, salads, bowls, and more. For anyone with dietary restrictions or food allergies, they also offer a number of gluten-free, dairy-free, and other ingredient-conscious options. You can also select one of many granola bar and snack options for a nutritious quick bite. For anyone looking for a healthy catering service Sweetgrass Food Co. also caters!

Bounty Kitchen

For a delicious and nutritious sit-down meal in Queen Anne, Bounty Kitchen is hard to beat. They feature a delicious blend of seasonal vegetables with a rotating menu by season. They offer a unique blend of flavors from around the world including Southern-inspired collard greens, their signature Havana Libre bowl and a number of other great tasting options.

Local 360

If you are looking for a healthy meal and an optimum dining experience, Local 360 is the place for you. They feature delicious brunch, happy hour, and dinner menus where all ingredients are sourced from within 360 miles of Seattle. Whether you are craving wild salmon, savory steamed shellfish, or family style small plates filled with delicious and unique vegetable combinations, Local 360 in Belltown won’t disappoint!

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