6 Week Cycle #3

We have just finished the CrossFit Open season and now is a great time to focus on refining our movements.  We will take a dedicated approach to a few classes or movements per week to move better and analyze what we can improve. During this cycle, ask a friend in class to take video of your movement for you to review. Video feedback is a great training tool we should use more often.  Let’s help each other move better and be better. If we become obsessed with moving the best we can, I guarantee we will hit all of our goals over time.

  • Movement Focus #1 Back Squat
    – We will be testing week 1.  We want to test with the focus of squatting with proper form. We will be introducing or reinforcing the concept of fixing lumbar lordosis (duck butt) during the squat and focus on external rotation of knees and creating torque through the entire squat.  I want every class, every member to squat every day. There will be squats in every warm up or cool down. That means at least 20 perfect air squats every day. We have too many members with poor squats simply because they are not focusing or striving for a perfect squat.  Most members want to improve their pr’s and such but they are overlooking the root causes of the limitation.
    – We will be doing videos to help you fix the “duck butt” syndrome.  Stay tuned.
  • Movement focus # 2Strict Pull-ups and Strict Chin-ups plus Single leg lower body push or pull.  
    These will performed as super sets.  We will do mostly 4 sets and alternate between pull-ups and chin-ups. The goal is to help progress athletes to be able to do unassisted pull-ups/ chin-ups.  If we want the ability to to do kipping pull-ups, chest to bars, muscle ups and even handstand push-ups, we need strong shoulders and the ability to pull and press while properly engaging our core.  There will be progressions and regressions for some of the pressing movements. These will include half kneeling and tall kneeling positions. Many times we seek to press or pull more weight than your core is able to support properly.  When we press from compromised positions we are causing undue stress on the shoulder and risk decreased performance or, worse, injury.
  • Movement focus #3 – Improving our 1 mile run time
    Over the course of the 6 weeks will do 200m, 400m and 800m run intervals.  The sets may vary based on ability level/ split times. So the faster runner may do one to two more sets than the slower runner.  
    – You can use this Running calculator (link below) to help understand the training and interval pace to hold for each interval.


The article (link below) also offers some good insight on the importance of speed training and how to use the training intervals.


During the cycle I will program Fridays to be a less technical day in the WOD so that we can have 15 minutes to allow for athletes to make up a skill missed.  If they got all their skills the coach can fill the time with a skill of choice.

Important Clinic information

We will host a breathing Clinic April 14th at Interbay @ 1pm, taught by Erin Bremmond.  We will be live on Facebook for all those that can not attend. All of the movements of this cycle have a common thread of intra-abdominal stabilization system.  The core involves more than abs. It involves the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. The control and coordination of the I.A.S.S can not only prevent injury but optimize performance.