Personal training with a dedicated, world class coach

Make your training personal!  We offer one-on-one training or small group training where you can share the expense of having your very own dedicated coach learning and developing a program around your specific needs and desires.

This extra bit of support can help you hone a particular goal, get you back into training after a layoff, give you that little extra support needed to feel confident, or guidance needed to overcome a specific injury.

1 Session: $85

5 Sessions: $80 each

10 Sessions: $75 each

20+ Sessions: $70 each

Personal training sessions are typically an hour long unless otherwise specified.  If you’re interested in personal training please contact the manager at whichever gym is most convenient for you!

Personal training in Bellevue: Jake Platt [email protected]

Personal training in Greenlake: Tyler Searle [email protected]

Personal training in Interbay: Lamarr Smith [email protected]

Want to setup a personalized clinic for you and a group of friends or coworkers?  We do that too!  Contact a manager above.