Build a Culture of Health and Wellness At Your Company

When your company has a corporate wellness plan in action, everyone wins. As an employer, you’re offering a competitive benefit that will increase employee retention, while investing in your team’s well being, and saving money on health coverage. As an employee, you’re benefiting from a subsidized fitness program, active lifestyle, and culture of wellness. NWCF Complete Fitness is proud to offer a wide variety of corporate wellness programs, ranging from one-time talks to holistic custom wellness packages. Here’s how it works:

Why Corporate Wellness Should be a Priority

We say having a fitness plan in action will make your team happier and healthier. Here’s what the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has to say about the benefits of a company fitness program:

  • For every dollar invested in a corporate wellness program, the return on investment can be up to $3.27
  • Workplace productivity gains with a fitness plan in action showed up to 41 percent
  • Companies can save up to 59 percent on medical expenses if they have a corporate wellness program in action
  • Employees take less temporary sick leave in companies with wellness programs

Why NWCF Complete Fitness Should Be Your Key to Corporate Wellness

When some people think of fitness, they think of big men in muscle tees lifting barbells twice their weight. If that’s who your company wants to be we can help get you there, however our Complete Fitness programs have a lot to offer beyond honing your deadlifts.

Our goal is to instill a better understanding of fitness in all of our athletes, and meet you where you’re at. If you have employees who would like to become more active, we can help. If you have team members who go to the gym all the time but could use a new and more targeted workout, we can help with that too. We’ll met your people where they’re at and help them get where they want to be.

Our Corporate Wellness Programs include:

Lunch and Learn: During our Lunch and Learn programs, a NWCF Complete Fitness coach will come to your workplace and offer a presentation on a variety of health related topics to your team. These sessions range from ways to improve productivity in the workplace, healthy eating habits at the office, taking productive breaks and more.

Team Building Fitness Programs: We also offer a variety of team building fitness activities ranging from discounted group entry to our bootcamps, various physical and competition based challenges, and team building curriculums.

Custom Corporate Fitness Packages: If you’re looking for a holistic, custom fitness program for your company, look no further. With our Custom Corporate Fitness Programs, we’ll work with you to create the exact program you’re looking for to suit your employees. Our programs follow different financial models and are scaled in size to create what companies are looking for and help them achieve their goals.

It’s time to invest in healthier people, not better health coverage. To learn more about our Corporate Fitness Programs contact us today!