CompleteFit Bootcamp

This is where it all begins!

Let’s face it, getting back in shape can be a big hassle!  It can be intimidating, inconvenient, and pain seems to be associated with it every step of the way!

Getting started is the hardest part.

Then there’s the “I’m so sore I can’t walk” type of sore.

What if I told you that we got your back and we don’t want you to be so miserable you can’t move, but rather have you relax, enjoy and let nature take its course?  Here’s the thing that many people don’t understand: there’s a way to get in incredible shape without having to feel like you’ve been run over by a truck and dragged for a mile.

We will take our time and train you in layers.  That means we want you to slow down and enjoy being inside your body and listening to what your body tells you.  That means if you’re not enjoying your workout, slow down and find a pace that works for you.  Over time we are confident you will increase your efforts because of your newfound abilities and strength.  Honestly, it is that easy!  The only thing I will tell you is this: you gotta show up!  We will take it from there!

Here are couple things about what will happen to you:

  • You will learn how to move really well and with confidence.
  • You will qualify yourself to do more incredible things: like kettlebell training, speed and agility drills, strength training and also 80% of the CrossFit exercises.
  • We will ask you to share with everyone how we helped you change your life!
Woman at NWCF yoga class
Woman holding small weights and smiling at camera

Our CompleteFit class is designed to introduce people to the fundamental movements and core concepts of CrossFit. The emphasis of the CompleteFit Bootcamp is skill development and exposure to the basic elements of our program. It is designed to prepare you to enter our ongoing CrossFit group classes. We will be emphasizing technique and lay the foundation to ensure your success at the next level regardless of your current level of fitness.

This is the safest and surest way that we can help those new to CrossFit get started!

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Start here or ramp up your CrossFit!

Once you go through our CompleteFit Bootcamp, you will be very well prepared to take on new challenges and enter our high-quality CrossFit program.
This is a great class for beginners or even experienced CrossFitters who want to hone their skills and move up a level in their training.

Class of NWCF attendees in kettlebell class

The Foundation You Need

Completion of this series is a requirement for all individuals prior to joining regular CrossFit classes. Get started training the right way with the foundations. 

Woman doing KB Class

Expert Coaching

At NWCF, we take our training seriously. We don’t offer cookie-cutter programming because everyone is different. We coach to all levels safely. Our team has the experience and training needed to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be. 

Male coach instructs two females on bootcamp plan

Save Big When Starting Out

Start with the 4 Week Bootcamp to see if NWCF is right for you. If you decide you love us, we make it very easy and affordable to continue! 

Men hanging after doing pullups at NWCF

Convenient Locations & Times


Choose AM or PM classes
AM: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday @ 9AM
PM: Tuesday & Thursday @7PM
& Saturday @8AM  


Choose AM or PM classes
AM: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday @ 9AM
PM: Tuesday & Thursday @7:30PM
& Saturday @12PM  

What are you waiting for?!


We are happy to answer any questions you may have for us!

General Phone: (206)777-4141

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Greenlake Gym: Tyler Searle [email protected]
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