Ella Skoglund

Thank you to all at NW Crossfit for helping me with my training and achieving my goals! - Ella Skoglund (Ella Skoglund placed first in the U-14 No Bull Slalom at Crystal Mountain in February 2017. This win qualified her for the Western Regional Championships at Alpine Meadows California in March.)

Joel Ruzich

I love Crossfit.  At it's core Crossfit is about community.  It is never about the person next to you, but about being the best possible version of yourself every time you step out on the floor.  CrossFit brings out the best in me, my ability to see endless possibilities as a reach to be better than I ever thought possible.   My limitations only defined by my desire to perceive challenge as something beneficial, allowing me to deal with my health in the most productive way possible. There is no elitism at Northwest CrossFit . Members who struggle with exercises using only the weight of the barbell are treated with as much respect as the experienced athletes who lift unbelievable amounts of weight.  No one is looked down upon because they have to scale the recommended weight, length, or distance of any workout to fit their own abilities. Everyone is applauded, not just by the coaches, but by the other members as well. I've had great coaches in the past, and my current coach Jason Lasko inspires me every day.  With his commitment to my program I can run faster, lift more, perform gymnastics more precisely, and work out longer.   Every coach at NW CF  focuses on teaching the proper technique to avoid injury.    The variety is great, and the support I receive from the other members is an honor and a privilege.    While in my late 50's, I train next to people half my age who never make me feel like I don't belong.   We laugh, smile, and somehow all get through each workout together feeling better than when we started.

I have a saying "reach for the stars".  That is what Crossfit means to me.  The ability to reach higher than I ever thought possible in my goal to stay happy and healthy.   To Jason, all the trainers, and the entire CrossFit global community, including CrossFit Active in Sydney, who have helped me become who I am today.   I will never look back because of their unwavering support in my journey.

Finally, to every CrossFit athlete, from the Games competitors to the physically disabled, you inspire me every day.   This is a community that makes a difference and their global reach and diverse cultural reach only confirms that there is more that unites us than divides us. -Joel Ruzich

Tony Whatley

I have been a client of Jake Platt for two years. During that time my physical well being has constantly improved. Jake added CrossFit regimens to his practice over the past year. CrossFit has literally turbo charged my level of fitness like nothing else I have experienced. My strength, stamina, coordination and all around fitness are at a higher level than I ever remember..... and I am 64. I believe that anyone who puts in the time and effort and has a trainer like Jake will experience absolutely life changing and youth enhancing results. -Tony Whatley, NWCF member since 2009

Bill Fleckenstein

When I showed up at crossfit I thought I was in decent shape even though I had gone through 2 knee surgeries on the same knee in the space of about 15 months. It turned out that I was a mess physically according to Jake and I couldn't even do a proper squat. More importantly, I couldn't move well in certain directions as a result of the 2 surgeries. Now after 6 months, I am moving better I ever have and I'm in the best shape of my life. Not only can I do squats, I can do multiple sets with weights equaling my own body weight on my back. I have also lost 10 pounds and have added plenty of muscle mass. Had I not met Jake, I'm certain my knee would not have recovered properly and I think my tennis playing days would be over. If you are willing to work hard you will see amazing results. -Bill Fleckenstein, NWCF member since 2008

Jeff Gough

After doing CrossFit 3 days a week for over a year, I decided to do a body fat dunk test.  My body fat came up at 12.3%; which was a little higher than I expected, but I wasn't too worried about it because I felt healthy and strong.  For the next 9 months, I didn't change my diet or any other variables I can think of other than increasing my frequency from 3 to 5 times a week.  I also tried to do Firebreather (heavier workouts) more often.  I recently did another dunk test and my body fat was surprisingly at 7.2%!  I was not expecting that dramatic of a drop at all - especially given that my total weight had only dropped 2 pounds.  Going from 12.3% to 7.2% body fat in 9 months with only a slight increase in WOD frequency is a testament to how effective CrossFit is at building muscle...and more importantly exchanging fat for muscle.  During that 9 month period, I lost 9.5lbs of fat but gained 7.5lbs of lean mass. -Jeff Gough, NWCF member since 2011

Anne Kelso

How Crossfit has improved my life- a series of A-HA moments Before I started Crossfit, I didn’t think I could do ANYTHING cardio anymore due to a knee injury.  My first ramp up WOD and I could BARELY do a little tiny half squat, but the coaches there were so supportive and gave me some alternatives to do to build up the muscles around the knee so I could do a very short squat.  A-HA!!  I CAN do that! I was 100% positive I couldn’t do a pull-up.  I can actually and well on my way to lighter and lighter bands.  A-HA! I brought my mom to a class and now she’s part of the Crossfit family as well.  Watching her be able to do things she never thought possible at her age, WOW!!  AND on top of that, she’s increased her bone density tremendously in just a few short months.  Imagine what my bone density will look like when I am her age after continuing to do Crossfit!  A-HA! I started taking my daughter to the kids class at Greenlake.  Now, she’s learning now only how strong and capable she is, but she often feels more powerful in the rest of her life BECAUSE of how capable and strong she is at Crossfit.  This is a true gift that Crossfit has helped me give my daughter that will influence and impact her for the rest of her life.  A-HA! My husband does Crossfit as well and he had to go buy new clothes as his pants no longer fit him.   He had to get a new belt as well.  What a great problem to have! Our household is in the midst of the 30 day Paleo challenge.  I never thought I’d be able to give up sugar, coffee and wine.  But here we are 3 weeks in and I’ve never felt stronger, healthier or more capable, and not just at the box, in the rest of my life too.    Yesterday, I was able to start getting a little more creative with the menus and feel like I’m getting the hang of this change!  A-HA! There’s not really an adequate way to say thanks for what Crossfit has given to me and my family.  We are a Crossfit family now and will continue to be!! -Anne Kelso, NWCF member since 2011

Shaun Botha

So there I was in December 2010, I was 44 years old and recently retired. I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and my diet sucked. I was stressed out, weak as a puppy, had a congenital heart defect, a busted-up left knee, and weighed 265lbs.  I was a mess to say the least!  I decided I need to get myself sorted out and, just by luck, found Northwest CrossFit down the road from my house.  I’d never heard of CrossFit before but I figured it was as good a place as any to get myself in shape.  Paige took me under her wing and through regular sessions and a Paleo diet, I very quickly starting losing weight, building muscle, and gaining strength.  By July 2011, I was working with Joel Thomas on Jake and Paige’s recommendation and I was seeing terrific results.  I weighed in at 220lbs and was easily doing 150 pushups, 200 squats, and 250 sit-ups every day.  I was rocking it. Then, I went bike riding alone on Orcas Island early one morning …. And had a massive heart attack. Somehow – and neither the EMTs nor my doctors know how I did this – I managed to get back on my bike and ride a number of miles back to our vacation cabin, in massive pain and throwing up all the way.  Thankfully, the EMTs arrived in time, got me on a helicopter, and evac’ed me to a hospital on the mainland where they managed to repair the blockage – 99% on my right coronary artery.  Then, just to make life more challenging, the doctors discovered I had an aneurysm on my aorta and that my aortic valve was leaking badly.  They scheduled me for surgery. I had 9 hours of open heart surgery in October 2011 during which they replaced my aortic valve as well as my ascending aorta.  Within a week I was already walking – even though I was so weak I couldn’t even lift a glass of water. I’m now all healed up, strong as an ox, and am back to running, biking, rowing, pushups, sit-ups, squats, KB swings – you name it. (Oh, and I obviously don’t smoke anymore.) My doctor says I can start CrossFit soon again. In case you’re wondering why this is a testimonial for CrossFit; let me tell you… I know why I managed to ride that bike back while having that huge heart attack.  I know why I survived the 2 hours from when I was on my bike to when I was in the hospital.  And I know why I healed so quickly after my surgery.  It’s because I’m a CrossFitter.  If I hadn’t taken that first step of joining Northwest CrossFit, I’d most certainly be dead today. Thank you Jake and Paige.  You guys saved my life. -Shaun Botha, NWCF member since 2009

Andrea Marr

I'd been doing Crossfit for about 10 months when I moved to Seattle. I tried out several gyms before I found Northwest Crossfit.  While the other gyms all had something to offer, I knew after my first class at Northwest that I'd finally found my new Crossfit home.  The quality of the coaching staff is undeniable; I have regularly received personal mentoring and encouragement that I would expect to find only at a smaller gym or from a private personal trainer.  The camaraderie, also typically harder to come by at bigger gyms, is phenomenal.  People just love being here.  And there's always a reason to be, between the Paleo challenges, endurance and mobility classes and strength seminars.  Crossfit has changed my life in so many ways - there's nowhere else I'd rather continue on that journey than at Northwest Crossfit. -Andrea Marr, NWCF member since 2012

Nicole Besio

I’ve been doing Crossfit for exactly a year now and can’t believe how far I’ve come since that first On-Ramp workout! That first WOD left me red faced, wheezing, and close to passing out! I remember thinking “no way am I going to make it through two weeks of this!” But I did! And then I survived another month of classes, and another.  Now, a year later, I go 5 days a week and am doing things I’d never have dreamed I’d be able to do (like pull ups all on my own!). What I love about Crossfit is there are always new goals to set and new personal bests to reach for. I used to get bored running on a treadmill or lifting weights on machines. I’d barely be able to force myself through a 30 minute workout at a normal gym. Now I live for my time at Northwest Crossfit.  And even stay after WODs to work on reaching those goals I’ve set for myself. Crossfit is my stress relief. No matter how bad of a mood I’m in or how awful my day is, I always leave the gym smiling! Not only because of the endorphins, but because of the amazing coaching staff and my awesome fellow Crossfitters! The coaches are unbelievably encouraging and always find new ways to push you to your very limits. They make a personal effort to get to know their athletes and make you feel like you belong. I expected the physical changes when I started my journey but what I didn’t expect were the immeasurable changes Crossfitting would bring to my life. Along with my increased physical abilities came a new confident me! My friends and family have noticed that I’m smiling more, I laugh more, and am the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I’ve found a community where I fit in and that supports me in my new active lifestyle. I know I’ve made friends for life. Starting Crossfit was the best thing I ever did for myself and I will never go back to the way I was before! -Nicole Besio, NWCF member since 2011

Jean Eddy

There are decisions that change your life. Sometimes after you take action on those decisions, you realize nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts, before that, and after that.  Joining Northwest Crossfit was one of those defining moments for me. I was 7 months away from getting married and knew that the lifestyle I had grown accustomed to was not conducive to looking or feeling my best. I spent 40 hours or more sitting at a desk, reading emails. On my best days I would consider my activity level then as ‘lethargic.’  I knew it was going to take more than calorie counting and 30 minutes on a treadmill every other day to reach the sort of goals I had in mind. What I didn’t know, was how Northwest Crossfit would transform me from a 30 year old Email Marketer into an athlete. The first few workouts were painful, but amazing. I really felt that I was getting more out of the 15- 20 minute workouts, than I did at all of those 5k events I had already tried to do. I made a slew of brand new friends who were both supportive and empathetic (being in the same boat as me) and garnered a whole new respect for the super spastic members who actually LIKED going (now I AM that member.) Fast forward 7 months, I have lost inches off of every corner of my body and my seamstress says she cannot take my wedding dress in enough to fit me. Talk about bittersweet success!! Luckily, I was a prepared bride and had one in the waiting. This was not the greatest the success for me though. The greatest success for me has been the new found confidence Northwest  Crossfit has given me. It has opened up an entire community of like-minded individuals who want nothing more than to see me thrive as they thrive. The workouts are very tough, but the coaches cater them to my needs, always. And they work. I cannot imagine not having Northwest Crossfit in my life these days. The program and trainers treat me with respect and value all of the effort I pour in to that gym day in and day out. I don’t remember what it was like to step a foot into any other type of gym, but I can guarantee you they don’t offer me salutations by first name like the trainers here do. If there needs to be numbers surrounding how effective Northwest Crossfit is, I’ve lost 30+ pounds (all fat loss), taken 100 points off of my cholesterol, lowered my resting heart rate by 10 beats per minute, and I can pick up over 100 pounds and put it over my head. Also, through ONLY doing workouts at Northwest Crossfit, I improved my half marathon time by 45 minutes. There are no numbers that can describe everything else Northwest Crossfit has done for me, and I will be eternally grateful for the new lease on life it has given me. I am 100% a happier, healthier, and better person because of Northwest Crossfit and their team of trainers. -Jean Eddy, NWCF member since 2010