Platt Sports and Training, INC is formed and leases a space in Green Lake doing business as Taekwondo Revolution and Jake Platt core training.


Platt Sports converts it’s Taekwondo center and personal training center into a CrossFit gym.  Opens Northwest CrossFit in early 2007 at our Green Lake gym as the second CrossFit gym in Seattle.


Opened up NWCF Bellevue, Bellevue’s very first CrossFit gym, in spring of 2008 at the Northup Center.


NWCF Green Lake wins the 2009 Affiliate Cup.


NWCF Bellevue moves into a larger 3200 sq. ft. space at Northup Center and doubles its membership.

NWCF places 32nd in the CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup


NWCF Bellevue moved into the AV Tennis Center’s 6000 sq ft

NWCF Green Lake expands by doubling its size by building a brand new CrossFit specific building in the former parking lot.

NWCF creates Hostile Takeover an inner gym competition consisting of one male and one female.


NWCF Green Lake reaches 300 members

NWCF Bellevue reaches 200 members


NWCF Green Lake reaches 350 members

NWCF Bellevue signs a new lease on a 6400 sq ft space

NWCF Interbay letter of intent is accepted on a space next to the Whole Foods


NWCF Green Lake reaches 400 members

NWCF Bellevue moves into its new space

NWCF Interbay signs a lease with Whole Foods and signs a subtenant in Kinetic Sports Rehab


NWCF Interbay grand opening