Enjoy this update for August 2013 from your friends at Northwest CrossFit!

August 2013

Happy August NWCF Nation!

We want to get this month started right by giving you all a heads up on recent and upcoming happenings at Northwest CrossFit.

A huge congratulations to NWCF – Bellevue members Eric Jarvis and Keith Chrisman for representing in a major way at the CrossFit Games last weekend in Carson, CA!  Eric Jarvis is officially the 7th fittest 50-54 year old man on Earth and Keith Chrisman is the 5th fittest 40-44 year old man on Earth.  Both displayed a ton of guts and great sportsmanship throughout the competition.  NWCF is proud of you guys!

If you join us at Ballard on Saturday, August 3 show up early or stay late for massages, chiropractic and movement analysis, rock-taping and more from our friends at Kinetic Sports Rehab. They will be onsite at NWCF-Ballard from 7:30am-noon, so come on by!

And, don’t forget to come out and support all of the members and coaches competing at WOD Fest at Gasworks park on Sunday, August 4 (NOTE: 9am & 10am classes only at all 3 locations on Sunday, Aug. 4). The weather is supposed to be nice and warm so make this a family activity and have some fun with it.  Check the schedule at www.wodfest.com.  Don’t forget to sport your NWCF gear loud and proud!

The safety of our members and your children is our #1 priority!  You have probably noticed the cordoned off areas at NWCF-Greenlake and NWCF-Ballard where we are asking that the kiddos remain when they visit the gym with Mom and Dad.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in keeping children off the floor and clear of equipment.  There is one exception to this rule…Family CrossFit Class with Coach Tyler and Coach Carlos.

On Tuesday, August 6 NWCF is launching its Family CrossFit program at NWCF-Ballard.  Coach Carlos will be leading the charge and we hope you and your kids (ages 7-13) will join us for some fun family fitness.  The class goes from 3:30-4:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The price is $79/mo/child or $15/visit/child.  With this in place, you and your kids can now work out together 5 days a week on M/W/F at Greenlake and T/Th at NWCF-Ballard.  We realize that, once school starts up again, kids get out of class at varying times.  We can roll with that!  We will have some open gym time from 3:30-3:45pm and then start the class so you and your kids have time to get to the gym.  We will continue to work kids in as they arrive.  Have a read of this NW Times article and the subsequent study from the Institute of Medicine citing the link between exercise and academic performance for the kiddos.  Surprise, surprise; there’s a link!  Schools are cutting fitness programs, but NWCF is here to save the day.  Inquire with [email protected] for more info at NWCF-Ballard and [email protected] at NWCF-Greenlake.

Our next Competitive Track class will be led by the Ballard crew on Saturday the 10th at 1pm. This program has been going great, and we love to see everyone making great strides in their training. Even for those of us who aren’t able to perform all those tough “FB” movements, the point of the class is to build a skill base and it’s open to anyone interested in competing.  The cost of this special class is $10/person.

Butterfly Pull-Up Clinic, Saturday August 24th @ 1pm: This clinic will be led by Coach Joe and Coach Sam at NWCF-Ballard, and is limited to 25 people. I know there are plenty of members interested in getting these down, so contact [email protected] to save your space.

For your viewing pleasure, here are your video updates for August from each of your NWCF locations as well as our events guru, Coach Jill:

  • NWCF – Ballard featuring Coach Joe
  • NWCF – Greenlake featuring Coach Tyler
  • NWCF – Bellevue* featuring Coach K with guest appearances from superstars Eric Jarvis and Kelly Starrett
  • NWCF – Events featuring Coach Jill and introducing Coach Scott

*Want to see the now infamous Eric Jarvis butt slap (of encouragement)?  Of course you do; skip forward to the 04:00 mark of this video.  Or, you can watch the whole event from the beginning.

As always, please like us on our Facebook page and Tweet with us.  And for goodness sake, please tell your families and friends to pay us a visit!  We always appreciate your supportive reviews on Yelp and we encourage you to contact us at [email protected] to tell us how we are doing.

Have a great month of August and thank you as always for making this NW CrossFit community so amazing!

-Coach Brian and the NWCF Coaching Staff

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