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NW Speed and Agility training is a perfect supplement to your current training program.

Sports are dominated by speed, not absolute strength (the ability to move a weight regardless of time). Sports require you to produce force quickly in a limited amount of time. Instead of asking yourself, “How much can I curl or bench?” Ask yourself, “How much force can I produce, and how quickly?” While absolute strength plays a role in speed, quickness, jumping height and throwing velocity, it plays a subordinate role. Despite its small role it has become the dominant factor in most training systems.

NW Speed and Agility places the emphasis where it belongs, in the systems that produce speed strength.



Movement is the ability to change direction, accelerate, and jump. All these things add up to you being a better athlete in your sport… it is necessary for all sports in general. Sports revolve around the ability to control your limbs at high rates of speed in space.

Agility and Explosivity

To be a good athlete you must have balance, rhythm, timing, and coordination. You need to explosive to run quickly and jump higher, combined with joint mobility and muscle flexibility; these components all add up to being a great athlete.



We start by building your athleticism from the feet up. They control your movement, they are the only thing touching the ground, and they give all the feedback your brain needs to tell you how to move. The feet teach the body how to control itself.

Core Strength

The power of your limbs is dependent upon their ability to stretch away from your core. If your core is weak then your limbs are not able to pull against something that is stable and their force is diminished.

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May 3rd – May 26th
Tuesdays & Thursdays

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Located at NWCF Interbay – Next to Whole Foods and Petco.