Exercise routines can become boring and stagnant. Everyone needs a healthy exercise regimen that works different muscles daily to avoid weak and underused, as well as overused, muscles for a fully functional and trained body. CrossFit has been used by many in police academies, military training, martial artists, and other professional athletes because it pulls exercises and techniques from every area to make a well rounded routine. The mission of most CrossFit organizations is to professionally coach all members to increase and improve their health, longevity, and happiness.

There are three divisions for CrossFit in Seattle classes: beginning, class, and family. Beginning classes provide exposure to the basic elements of the program in a welcoming and non-intimidating atmosphere. Northwest CrossFit in particular teaches techniques and fundamental movements, as well as particular vocabulary, that is instrumental in the regular courses. Typically, the beginner section has six sessions over two weeks. In the regular CrossFit Class, which is the second division for CrossFit in Seattle, the sessions are 40 to 50 minutes in length. Typically, these sessions begin with a group warm-up, mobility work, an explanation and demonstration of the workout by the coaches, the workout itself, and the cool down period. The Family section offers a fun environment for kids from 7 to 13 to work alongside their parent or parents. These classes are offered each day of the regular work week with two locations: one at the Greenlake gym and one at the Northwest-Ballard gym.

The coaches at Northwest CrossFit are versed in a variety of workout backgrounds. Coach Dustin, for example, trained a bit in martial arts, power lifting, bodybuilding, and the military. Coach Jean Anne began as a personal trainer, attained a black belt in Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate-do, and is an avid endurance athlete. Coach Tyler started in Taekwondo and is certified in Weightlifting, CrossFit Football, and CrossFit Gymnastics. With the simple variety of these three coaches, one can only imagine how intense and varied the workouts are at this location. These coaches only comprise a small number of the total coaches present. Each workout is truly expansive and best for those who love a challenge.