Defining Your Health


Common misconceptions about what make you an entirely healthy person are ideas like…


        “Once I have a six pack, I’ll know I’m at the peak of health.”


        “If I’m constantly dieting I’ll be healthy.”

        “I’m consistently going to the gym, so I’m a healthy person.”

While each of these examples are specific efforts, and have some healthiness potential, defining health falls upon a much broader spectrum. It’s not all just about the looks, or even seeing yourself make strength gains in the gym. Health can be defined using 6 categories, each with specific importance to help you reach wholesome healthiness.

Breaking down the definition of health brings us to physical, social, emotional, psychological, vocational and spiritual. These aspects of you all require attention and maintenance.

Already notice a category that you feel you neglect? Something you think you might focus on more than others?

Let’s breakdown each aspect so we can better understand what makes us healthy people.


Yes, physical entails working out and training hard. This isn’t the full story however, because eating right AKA internal physical health should reflect the same aspirations you have with your visible body. Someone who is physically healthy doesn’t work out consistently but fuels their body with fast food. The same goes for eating healthy but never working out. There is a relative balance between diet and training functional movement to reach physical health.


This means maintaining consistent, constructive communication with those around you. Your friends, family, coworkers, bosses, classmates, etc. These people all have influence on you, which leaves an equal amount of opportunity of influence from you. Find a close circle of friends who get you. You should be able to express who you are and what you love without feeling obligated to change who you are around them. You shouldn’t have to “wear masks” for each social group you hang-out with. Be yourself. Your friends should be your friends because you are you.


How do you react to things? Emotional health is on the grounds of understanding how you react to the stimuli around you. Can you handle being upset? Are there things that make you happy? When you get angry, do you stay angry the rest of the day? Try to be cognizant of what things make you feel negatively emotional, and other things that make you positively emotional. Are the negative ones always worth your time? Do the positive ones show up in your life enough?


What makes psychological different from emotional is that it’s not what you think of things, it’s HOW you think of things. Being of good psychological health means keeping an open mind, curious to attain new knowledge. Everything you think isn’t always what it seems. Don’t be an “I know that” or “I already know” person. You can communicate strong opinions, or even facts, but being a “know-it-all” doesn’t leave room for growth. Do you know a stubborn old person? And by old, I mean old-old, about 65+ years old. A lot of the time as people get into their older years, they think they don’t have the need to learn anymore. The opinions and facts they’ve attained have become concrete. The world is a growing and changing place, textbooks are rewritten almost every year. What we teach kids might be completely wrong in the next 10 or 20 years. Be mindful of how you think of things. The more open minded you are the more you learn. Being told something that contradicts your personal opinions or learned facts will always teach you something. It could teach you about yourself, that you still stand by your own knowledge, or teach you something new about that topic only broadening your own knowledge. Keep an open mind.


Do you like where you work? Your job is a place that you spend most of your time in life, I’d hope it’s something that you find joy in. Don’t settle. Does the career path ahead of you suit your passions? Or at least leave time for your passions enough so that you’re still happy in general? Do the people at your work treat you kindly? Do you dread heading to work? These questions are designed to establish if where you’re at right now with work is something that reflects good vocational health. It can be defined as finding a place that fits your passions, accepts you, and both actively and constructively keeps you stimulated throughout your life spent there.


Whether it be religion or lack of religion that grants you a peace and understanding of this world, Spiritual health captures this. Do you have a foundational belief that allows you to live day to day with a feeling of purpose? Is there a community of support that stands behind you? Finding a belief system that you can actively share about and learn from helps many people establish consistency in their lives. Your spiritual health can help bond your heart and mind’s intentions to focus how you live your life.


I hope this blog was thought-provoking or even educational. If you thought this entire thing was BS, that’s completely fine. You still learned something. You either learned that you have some disagreements with these aspects of health, or that you have some ground to cover in making yourself a little healthier. Wow, you’ve already accidentally worked on some psychological health! I wish you the best in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Just remember, it’s not all just about the looks. Wholesome healthiness is so much more, and a healthy person makes a happy person.

Open Testimonials

Here are some great testimonials about what participating in the CrossFit Open means to our members:

Mark Glynn:  For me, the Open isn’t about being the fittest or the strongest in the community; it’s about achieving something I once couldn’t do. It’s about pushing the limits of my own challenges and breaking those barriers. To me the Open is about celebrating the growth of each of member, from beginning to experienced. Everyone during this period has personal bests… It’s what ultimately makes CF different from Gold’s or LA Fitness.

Stefanie Millner:  For me, the Open is all about coming together and training in an environment #Interbae that is full of encouragement and celebration of full effort!  The Open presents hurdles that seem insurmountable – 17.3 scaled (so hard). However, those hurdles are accomplished by the energy and cheer from the coaches, members and their families. The encouragement and energy instantly drives me to push harder. …and that’s why I love the Open.  I’m looking forward to making new memories.  Stay hungry. Stay humble. Stef

Carly Avery:  The Open is about our community. From watching the announcement on Thursday, to showing up ready to work on Saturday, to the celebration after each workout; all of this is done not only with your #interbae family, but with every other Crossfitter around the world. We are all in this together. The Open is full of adrenaline and excitement. Get ready to surprise yourself by finding out you are stronger than you realized. Get ready to accomplish things you thought you’d never be able to do. Most of all, get ready to have fun. It is a freaking blast and one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of. Let’s do this!

Chelsea Ferrari:  I’ll go ahead and say it: I’m afraid of the Open. I have yet to compete in one. That being said, I’m so proud to have been able to watch the accomplishments that the Open brings about. I got the pleasure to wear a white wig (judge) last year and I feel like that allowed me to see what really happens in the WODs. A lot is painful, and let’s be honest, mostly painful, but more importantly is the amount of heart that has been exhibited. I watched Andrea Hough get her first kipping pull up, then was witness to number two and three. I got to watch Peggy Mathison straight KILL each workout as she brought it each week. I loved watching Michael Fullan overcome and be a solo BEAST in an Open WOD. All these experiences have inspired me to put myself out there this year and hurt with all of you. This community is amazing and I can’t wait to celebrate after the workouts because I know they will be challenging. To every new member who’s never competed, I’m right there with you. #interbae

Michael Fullan:  The Open gives me that extra motivation to push a little bit harder than I would in a regular class WOD. It has made me try things I didn’t think I could do or was ready for (muscle ups, squat snatches) which I came out of it with surprising results. It’s the only time I’ve finished a workout in complete agony while at the same time thinking “I could have gone faster” or “I could have gotten one more rep in.” The fact that it’s a worldwide competition introduces nerves I haven’t felt since playing baseball in college, but as soon as you start, those nerves turn into positive energy and help push you to achieve things you didn’t think you were capable of. I realized there’s no reason to be intimidated or scared because you have someone judging you. In most cases they’re going to be suffering through the same exact thing in a matter of minutes. Everyone is in it together. The community we have at Interbay makes all five weeks even more special. I can’t wait to see what themes we come up with this year!

Kendra Bergstrom: I’m so glad I jumped into the 2017 Crossfit Open for the first time. About two years into Crossfit, I initially worried about skills I’m weak on or can’t yet complete.  So I came in with no expectations, and decided to just try each movement and see how it went. I really liked competing and timing with our gym-mates, and appreciated the flexibility to do the WOD on my own if my schedule got tight or was out of town for a day or two.  As it turned out, I accomplished some things I had never even tried before, like chest-to-bar pull-ups and those 150 reps of dumbbell snatches in 17.1. Now every time I see these movements in a WOD I remember the Open and know, I can definitely do that. The Open gave me a lot of confidence to try new things, and challenged me to set goals for the coming year.

Robert Polakoff:  The Crossfit Open is just around the corner, and I wanted to offer some thoughts about participating.  I have competed in the Open three times, and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done so, or may be on the fence.  I’d like to offer three compelling reasons to give it a try.

First, if you enjoy coming in, doing the WOD 3, 4 or more times a week, and enjoy the feeling of being fit, preparing for the Open will infuse some intensity into your workouts.  Working out is great, but training for a competition takes it to another endorphin level.  For any of you who were competitive athletes in a previous life, you know that having an event to prepare for adds extra fun and challenges to your workout.

Secondly, competing in the Open itself is really fun.  I never expected to win anything, and frankly, it was initially a little intimidating, but once I was in, I was all in.  I would check the workout once it was posted, and obsessively check the leaderboard, internationally, regionally, and locally to see where I stacked up.  And even though there were 14,750 athletes ahead of me in my age category, I was pretty stoked to see that there were 28,920 athletes behind me, and it pushed me to compete harder.  Competition is fun, even if I was competing against athletes in Oslo, Barcelona, or Atlanta.  

Thirdly, and maybe most importantly for me, it really made me feel part of the amazing Northwest Crossfit Community.  While I was competing, especially if it was on Saturday, I had some of my favorite, fit friends cheering me on, and as soon as I was done, I joined the cheering for my Northwest Greenlake teammates.  

I highly recommend to anyone who has not participated in the Open to give it a shot.  Even if you decide not to sign up, coming down to the gym to cheer on your Crossfit friends is an amazing way to forge a stronger Crossfit community. (member since 2009)

Doris Baum: I’ve done the Crossfit Open twice; it was grueling, humbling, exhausting; and the best kind of camaraderie around.  There is nothing like a judge watching your every movement to keep you honest; there is nothing like a judge saying “No rep” that is more wrenching as you realize that your last effort was not counted.  Do it; there are no regrets.  Just a sky-high euphoria when you’re done and can collapse in a heap.

Joey Yi:  Doing WODs at NWCrossfit throughout the year allows you to BRING IT, every day and leave in all on the floor. There’s nothing else like it. Now the OPEN is upon us. Once a year we as a community get to Facebook chat, anticipate and strategize upcoming WODs and as a community (judges and participants) come together to work and cheer each other on. There’s nothing else like our CrossFit community. Whether it’s your first or tenth OPEN, the excitement the NW coaches bring escalates all the Feb WODs to another level. It gives you a chance to compete, compare and wonder what if….Because at NWCrossfit I’ve come to believe, anything is possible.

Aaron Millstein:  Participating in the Crossfit Open is always a great experience because it gives you an opportunity to see how far you’ve progressed.  The NWCrossfit community always comes together for the Open, providing support to those who participate.  Having your fellow NWCrossfitters cheer you on as you struggle through an Open WOD is great motivation (and its fun to return the favor).  If you’re thinking about doing the Open, just go for it.  You’ll surprise yourself with how you do and with how much fun it can be. 

Patti Sperline:  I completed the final workout of my first CrossFit Open on my one-year anniversary of starting the beginner series at NWCF. I ended up having to scale one workout because I couldn’t do muscle ups, but I was SO excited that I was able to complete the majority of the movements at an RX level. This will be my fourth year of participating in the Open, and it’s something I look forward to every year. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing yourself so far outside of your own expectations and perceived limitations that simply can’t be found elsewhere. What is even more incredible, though, is the sense of community that the Open fosters. Your friends, coaches and people you’ve never met become personally invested in you and your journey. Everyone has your back and is rooting for you so much that you can’t help but want to push just a little more… be just a little better. I tend to tear up watching my NWCF family complete the WODs because I can FEEL the grit, the determination and the beaming pride that bubbles up in every single athlete as they chip away at some of the toughest workouts they will do throughout the year. It truly is something to behold, and while I realize this sounds a bit over-the-top and cheesy, it is 100% genuine and from the heart. Saturday afternoons at Greenlake in March have become one of my favorite times of year. I can’t wait to cheer on all of my fellow athletes, new and old, and to see what new corners of our ability we will discover! Bring it on, Castro!!

Golden Ticket!

Do you know someone who’s been good, but didn’t get the gift they deserve–NWCF?  Members, pick up your Golden Ticket from your coach and pass along either a FREE 6-week Boot Camp, or 2-week Membership to your friends and family.  This offer must be redeemed before the end of February, 2018 and is an awesome opportunity for you to get your loved ones to the gym!

Hostile Takeover 2017 Recap

Hostile Takeover 2017 Recap


Each year, Hostile Takeover is a highlight for NWCF, and this year was no exception.  We had 31 teams in Scaled, Rx, and Firebreather categories, several of which competed for the first time.

Congratulations to all the teams for showing up at your best!


Firebreather Leaderboard
Overall Rank Team Name Triplet Clean And Jerk Chipper Floater Total
1 Straight Outta On Ramp 1 1 2 1 5
2 The A Team 2 2 1 3 8
3 Lam Chop Suy 3 3 2 2 10
Rx Leaderboard
Overall Rank Team Name Triplet Clean And Jerk Chipper Floater Total
1 Hustle & Muscle 2 1 3 5 11
2 Legally Fit 4 2 4 4 14
3 Quan for President 1 3 1 18 23
4 One Lift Wonder 8 5 8 3 24
5 Perfectly Adequate 3 7 5 14 29
6 Rx is Good 7 5 12 11 35
7 Toast to Bar 9 14 12 2 37
7 Mount St. Swellins 19 10 7 1 37
9 2 Fit 2 Quit 5 13 2 19 39
10 Classic Mistake 14 4 17 6 41
11 Wasian Persuasion 6 11 6 20 43
12 Snipe Hunters 11 17 9 7 44
13 To the Window, To the Wallball 18 9 11 8 46
14 Flush & Burn 11 8 18 13 50
15 Coffee Before Clusters 10 19 16 10 55
15 Snatch Me if You Can 17 20 10 8 55
17 Question of the Day 14 12 14 17 57
17 Father Daughter Dance 13 16 14 14 57
19 The Transplants 16 18 19 12 65
20 WOD Did We Get Into? 20 15 20 16 71
21 PR Penguins 21 21 21 21 84


Scaled Leaderboard
Overall Rank Team Name Triplet Clean And Jerk Chipper Floater Total
1 Double J 1 1 2 3 7
2 #interbae 3 3 1 4 11
3 Grow a Pear 2 5 5 2 14
4 Swole Criminals 5 6 4 1 16
5 Targaryen 4 4 3 6 17
6 Barb Wire 7 2 6 5 20
7 Cafe con Leche 6 7 7 7 27

Special thanks goes to the 20+ volunteers who made the event a success as equipment crew, judges, food service, and photography: Mark Glynn, Desmond Lee, Mark Nemesh, Sky McClave, Robin Rifkin, Jeremy Kramer, Scott Winges, Liv Hull, Carolyn Regas, Tanya Dailey, Jonah-Kai Hancock, Amanda Halley, DeSean Halley, Jennifer Bender, Tom D’Angelo, Mike Mejia, Steven Brown, Steve Lauver, Alexis McKeown, & Laura Winges!

And we had some great programming and hosting thanks to coaches Lamarr, Amanda, Quan, & Scott.  It’s this camaraderie and willingness to help that brings the community together.  

Hard work culminated in success on many levels and it was great seeing family and friends there to support the NWCF family!  For some wonderful shots by Amanda Joy Photography: click here. Some additional pics: here.

Hopefully you had a chance to visit our sponsors: Fresh Meal with their healthy pre-made meals, Twin Vision Activewear and their leggings and jackets, and Elivate Nutrition’s athletic supplements.

Next year let’s get 50+ teams!  Tell your friends how much fun it was.  If you missed it, ask someone how it was.  And if you’re unsure if you could compete in this event, ask your coach–there are different levels to push you and partners to train with.

Countdown to HT2018 begins!


Redeeming Soles

We are pleased to announce our charity for Hostile Takeover 2017 will be Redeeming Soles, a local organization that collects new and gently used shoes for those in need, including young people who would otherwise not be able to participate in school sports.
Bring those shoes that are sitting in the back of your closet or your children have outgrown, or purchase new shoes if you feel extra generous, and bring them to Hostile Takeover for an extra entry in the raffle! (1-3 pairs = 1 entry, 4-6 pairs = another entry, etc.)

Hostile Takeover 2017 Registration is Open!!

It’s that time once again: Hostile Takeover 2017 is here!

What is that, you ask?

Date: Sunday November 12th, 2017  (Seahawk game is Thursday and the Huskies play on Friday)

Time: 8am- 3pm

Who: NWCF member only in teams of two (one male and one female)

How many events (workouts):
There will be three WODs throughout the day plus a floater.

What are the divisions:
Scaled Division – Team members are Level 2 or 3 athletes who would like the experience of competing.

RX Division – Team members should be able to complete most (if not all) Level 4 (RX) movements and weights.

FB Division – Team members should be able to complete most (if not all) Level 5 (FB) movements and weight.

Where:  NWCF Bellevue location

Cost: $90 per team plus tax

  • In order to register, teams will need to provide information about what division they will compete in, t-shirt sizes, team name, and team captain. There are three different divisions you can choose from: Scaled, RX, and Firebreather.  See above for descriptions of these divisions.

TO REGISTER: Follow the PayPal instructions below.

Male Teammate Shirt Size
Female Teammate Shirt Size
Team Name
Athlete 1&2 First /last name

We humbly ask for your help if you are not competing.  WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS.  To be a judges or scorekeepers and to help throughout the day. If you are interested, click HERE to complete the volunteer registration form. 

See you all there![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

How To: Double Unders

What are double unders? Achieving double unders is a skill that requires some practice and dedication.  There are many approaches to help people develop this movement which requires coordination along with good body mechanics.  


In our recent Crossfit double under clinic on August 12th, we went through several drills to help athletes that were either struggling to get their first one or were experiencing challenges linking them together.  I want to preface that getting your double unders is a matter of coordination.  If you skip out on line drills and footwork drills you’re missing an opportunity to improve.  I also want to preface that when athletes commit to getting double unders they usually develop a calf issue or foot issue.  You can not neglect the recovery work needed to support the increased volume of jumping.


Here are some basic drills you can do to help improve your double unders:

  • Understanding how to jump and land on the balls of your feet while absorbing the impact through the entire leg, not just the calves.  2 sets x 20 reps is a good prep before working on double unders.  No jump required.
  • Master the single under.  This means you body position is correct.  Upright torso, elbows by your side, arm bent with shoulders back and down. Work up 3-5 minutes of smooth and effortless basic jump roping.
  • Understanding the meaning of a power bounce.  Starting with a basic single under bounce, you will do 2-3 single unders and then a higher more powerful jump.  What is important here is to land on the balls of your feet and not to donkey kick.
  • Power bounce with double hip taps.  This drill requires no rope.  Perform a power bounce and while in the air use your hands to tap/clap your hips 2x while in the air.  The goal is to perform consecutive power bounces with taps.
  • Combining the single under with the power bounce.  Perform your regular single under for 3 jumps then add a power bounce for a single under.
  • Combine the single under with a double under.  Perform your regular single under for 3 jumps then add a double under.


Then you are almost there.  Now a little more practice on the basics every day. 

For more tips from our team at Northwest Crossfit, checkout our article on Crossfit Movement and Mobility!

New Athletic Trainer at Interbay!

Who: Erin Bremond

What: Soft tissue work, stretching, and injury rehab

When: Thursdays – Saturdays

Where: NWCF Interbay

Why:  Sometimes being active can cause aches, pains and injuries in the muscles and joints. These musculoskeletal issues often create problems and frustration for people trying maintain an active lifestyle. If you are experiencing any muscle or joint pain that is concerning to you or impeding you ability to perform at the level you want to.

Erin is a certified Physiotherapist (LAT, ATC) who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of muscle and joint injuries and issues. Her approach is holistic and includes treatment such as soft tissue mobilization, massage, joint mobilization, myofascial decompression (cupping), pelvis alignment and postural restoration strategies. Visits will include a orthopedic evaluation and treatment of any concerning issues. These meetings are set up my appointment only and last for approx. 30 mins to one hour.

Services available:  3pm-7pm on Thursday, 12pm-4pm on Friday, and 11am-3pm on Saturday.  (One dollar a minute scheduled in 15 min or 30 min blocks.)

Schedule appointments at:

Erin is also providing a stroller fitness/ pregnant moms class being held at Interbay on Saturdays from 11am-1pm.



Podcast Episode 3 with Coach Paul, DeSean & Amanda Halley

In this Episode we speak with, recently married, DeSean & Amanda Halley.  DeSean & Amanda Graduated through our Grassroots Bootcamp program and are fully committed to redefining their fitness.  They have an amazing and inspiring testimony.

We believe in relevant, cultural, & inspiring conversations with Athletes, Coaches, Subject Matters Experts, & Fitness Fanatics.

Listen, comment, & share